Use your car as you service
your logbook loan

At auto advance logbook loan, we offer flexible logbook loaning service to our client and also let our clients use their vehicle at comfort as they service the acquired loan.

Why Choose Us

We pay attention to our clients needs, scheduling and friendly management
that makes us stand out from the rest.

No hidden charges

No CRB check

Use your car

Fast application


The following details is required for one to get a loan:

  • Original Logbook.
  • Comprehensive insurance certificate cover.
  • KRA Pin of the applicant.
  • Two passport size photo.
  • Original national ID card of applicant.
  • Six month bank statement.

What People Say About us

No matter how difficult we always have a solution for
your financial need.

Auto advance Loan has been a key partner in our success, and an invaluable asset for the growth and future of my company.

Kevin Mwangi Business man

Anytime I’ve had an issue, I’ve reached out to Auto advance Loans. They’ve been there from the start to help when I’ve needed it.

Johnstone Teacher

Auto advance Loans has been incredibly helpful to my business by providing a line of credit for my continued growth.

Cinthia Mukabi Business lady